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Next awarding on Saturday 26 06 21 at 0 h 5 min. GMT  
Conditions for users
The quality of the cancellations can be seen on the enlargements of the pictures. Their authenticity is garanted.

The offers are only accepted from those members who have made the initial down payment or who have sufficient credit in their account. The extension can be with USD 20.00. If the amount in the account is not sufficient, the offers are only valid for the available amount.
A lower offer than the initially indicated price is not accepted. Neither are accepted offers "at best" or any other kinds.

The allocation goes to the highest offer, without any price increase, but 20 % maximum at most the folloved bid, for example: Price. USD 2.20, BID 4 usd, folloved bid USD 2.50, allocation 3 USD.
If there are several identical offers, the allocation goes to the first offer received by TCI.
The person receiving the allocation is informed immediately.

The pieces will be delivered by neutral registered postal mail, next agreement for restrict the postal charges. Thus the postal fees due by the buyer are limited. (see Frequent questions)

Return of pieces
The allocated pieces that are not convenient can be returned within 8 days after reception, by registered mail. Their value is credited to the account ot the member, less the mailing fees.

By his participation the member accepts these conditions. Generally, any litigation is settled out of court; if not, court settlement is in Lausanne.

Members of the topical or philatelics organizations

AFPT (France) SMV/SPV/ASCEP/SLT (Switzerland)